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Kiteboard Lessons

Kiteboarding is one of the world's fastest growing adventure activities. Now you can participate in Hong Kong with the full support of our International Kiteboard Organization (IKO) qualified instructor. Learn the skills and knowledge required to Kiteboard in a responsible, safe and competent manner.

We provide Kiteboarding lessons following IKO standards that are tailored to your needs, either 1-to-1 or in very small private groups, to maximise your learning time. We also provide full equipment and safety gear including 2-way radio headsets, so you are always in-touch with the Instructor and receiving advice.

Courses are competitively priced, target beginners through to intermediate levels and can be taken in English or Spanish.

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Kiteboard Lessons

Private Lessons

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Kiteboard Lessons

Beginner Course
2 Days of 4 hours each

In this Level 1 and Level 2 course we teach all the aspects necessary for you to become a responsible Kiteboarder, with a fun and safety-first approach.

Private session, max 2 people, includes rental of Kite and Training Kite, Control Bar, Harness, Board, Helmet and Radio Communicator.

Kiteboard Lessons

Improvement Lessons
Minimum 2 hours

After completing Level 1 & 2, this course is tailored to your abilities, aimed to improve your kite and riding skills. Once confident to challenge yourself further, we progress to some jumps, transitions etc!

Private session, max 2 people, includes rental of Kite, Control Bar, Harness, Board, Helmet and Radio Communicator.

Kiteboard Lessons

Discovery Course
2 to 4 people

If unsure if Kiteboarding suits you, but you'd like to have fun and discover the basics, try our Discovery Course. We explain how to set up the kite, safety systems, how to fly different types of kite and essential exercises in the water.

2 to 4 people, includes rental of Kite and Training Kite, Control Bar, Harness.

Frequently Asked Questions
The difference betweeen Kiteboarding and Kitesurfing is the board we use. Kiteboarding uses a twin-tip board, which is the easiest and most forgiving board to use, allowing you to master kite control and basic understanding of the sport, before progressing to jumps or tricks. Kitesurfing uses a more specialised board designed for wave riding and isn’t as recommended for beginners.
We regularly take teenagers for Kiteboarding lessons and they often progress very quickly. However, we will first assess their size and competence before committing to the training and an adult must be present at lessons for anyone under the age of 18. Contact us for more advice.
Statistically Kiteboarding is a relatively safe sport, but we emphasise safety and how to use the equipment properly right from the very start and throughout your training. We will also closely watch the weather and never take risks should conditions not be favourable.
We monitor the weather days ahead of all Kiteboard lessons, and will advise you in advance if we need to postpone due to unfavourable conditions.
Our prices are very competitive in the Hong Kong market, and we tailor them based upon the number in your group, the duration and your needs. Please contact us with any enquires and we can provide specific prices for consideration.
All Kiteboard lessons are on Lantau Island due to the space and conditions. During winter around Tong Fuk Miu Wan.
During the summer months lessons will be around Pui O Wan.

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